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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend at the Mabin... (Mansion/ Cabin)

This past weekend me and about 25 other people went up to my friend's cabin in Park City and it was so much fun!!! This huge cabin was on top of a mountain and overlooked all of Park City. It was beautiful. After you drove for 45 minutes on the freeway, you had to drive 20-30 minutes up this huge mountain on a dirt road. There was no else around. It was awesome. Kinda scary if you ever needed help, but still awesome. What do you do at a mansion/cabin all weekend in the midle of nowhere you might ask? Oh well let me tell you... We found plenty to do. We got there at about 10 o' clock and we all jumped in the jacuzzi. Very tight squeeze...

We had a dance party. Huge success! Someone asked me if I was on the dance team in high school... What the? Oh and I guess this is about as good as time as any to introduce you all to Spencer... I know what you are thinking "He is sexy". This was the first time that all of my friends really hung out with him for an extended period of time and they all really like him. Let me share with you a few of their quotes that I thought were really funny. "I could not have picked out someone more perfect for you" and "When you guys are together, it is like a total show. It is just mesmerizing to watch you two together." Interesting...

Even my friends were trying to get all up on that...

Then of course it was time for me to whip out my onesie. Very sexy if you ask me. Pay special attention to my deformed leg. I swear it is not broken.

In the morning, we ate pancakes and decided to take a nature walk. I put together, at least I thought, a nice bouquet, but all of my friends thought it was ugly... As we were going through pictures after the trip, my friend called this the Amy show. I swear I am trying to be humble, but it is not always easy...

I tried to wear my best hiking apparel and shoes...

And of course we had to take a photoshoot...

Next, I would like all of you guys to look at these next few ppictures and pay attention to how abnormally large I am compared to my friends... It's embarrassing if you ask me. What great genetics...

Of course, I practiced my tricks on the tramp. Dang I'm flexible...

My friends like to mock the signature Amy pose... So rude.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Love My Mother!!!

Since I was not able to be in the presence of my hot mother on Mother's Day, I decided to write her a poem. She wanted me to share it on my blog for all to witness my dazzling wit and sparkling personality:

Oh my Mudder, Oh my Mudder
At times, I love her more than butter
She has sexy blonde locks and a bangin' hot body
All my guy friends say, "She's a real hottie!"

But of course I love her for more than her looks
Unfortunately, it's not for her knowledge of books
She has a beautiful heart and the power to see
All of the things that are best for me

My mother is one of a kind
And safe to say, my favorite of all time
She has always been an example to me
And is everything that I want to be

She has a cool style
The colors so many
Go, Go, Go Joseph you know what they say...
Just kidding. Love you.

But seriously Mom, I love you so much
Sorry Dad, she doesn't like to be touched

But basically Mom, I wanted to say
Thanks so much for everything
Your husband makes bank, go buy some bling
But don't forget to save some for me

Happy Mother's Day Mom!
I love you and miss you more than you know.
p.s. Sorry to all my siblings
I know my gift is way better than yours!!!